These are podcasts about literature and history produced by the students of the class 5E ESABAC from Licei Angeloni, Terni.  They are meant to share with the listeners the precious words and thoughts that, throughout history, outstanding women and men have expressed in their works. They are also meant to be a fun way for students to revise and  have an insight into the most important aspects of authors and historical events .

PODCAST "1st Episode - NATURE" : Man has lost connection with Nature... in our contemporary world we might find some forgotten truths about man and his relation with mother Earth in the lines of Wordsworth.

PODCAST "2nd Episode - GOTHIC MARY":  An innovative pen and major author of Gothic stories, Mary Shelley is a jewel in English literature, not only because of her being one of the most influential female writers, but also because of her interest in human nature and science. Listen to her and find out about her work in this interview and let your gothic side awaken!

PODCAST "3rd episode: Dickens’ characters -a tapestry of humanity"
Dickens, a comic genius and social novelist; let's find out about the world of characters Dickens invented and the meaningful and allusive names of the major protagonists of his novels. We will also discover what social message is conveyed through them.

PODCAST 4th episode: All art is quite useless

Art is fascinating and captivating, it inspires and enchants. But, what is Art? What is the artist’s role? Find out the opinion of some of the major English writers in this episode of our podcast.

PODCAST 5th episode: Thoughts on the war

Wars and conflicts still pierce the world we live in. It seems men are not able to learn from their past and reiterate their mistakes... Listen to the students of the class 5E who share their reflections on the war.

Podcast Team:

Audio designers: Simone Ciaccolini, Marisol Getachew

Presenter: Chiara Rensi

Helpy: Victoria Vegliò

Various guests, poets, novelists, historical characters:  

Irene Buongiorno, Caterina Cammerieri, Valentino Gatti, Martina Serinaldi, Asia PAcini, Alice Fabbri, Giulia Felli, Caterina Caiello, Mattia Bartoli, Simone Santelli

After this last episode about the war the students of the class 5E passed the baton to the students of class 1E-Esabac who realized


PODCAST 6th episode: Boudicca – The warrior Queen

Boudicca, the warrior queen of the Iceni tribe, left a profound and enduring legacy. Her uprising against the Roman Empire in AD 60-61, although ultimately unsuccessful, is a timeless reminder of the human spirit's resilience against tyranny and colonization.

The following students participated in the podcast Boudicca:

Anastasia Parashchynets, Giulia Manciucca, Yassine Belkheyat, Antonella Diaz, Camila Ceballos, Emma Agostino, Benedetta Stentella, Monia Ali, Giada Caramagno, Guildreiny Castillo, Sarah Severino, Guillianny Castillo and Benedetta Cruciani .


Coordinator: Donatella Calamita