Our school is currently participating in  the Erasmus Plus Project  “Migration from the students’ point of view”  together with other five partner schools  from Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Slovakia, the last being the project promoter. Students from these European countries will have to analyze and learn about the situation in  the home countries of the people seeking for asylum in Europe in order to understand the reasons of migration,  and become more aware about social, economic and political problems around the world. They will hopefully become more understanding towards the people of different nationalities and , on improving their competence about the push and pull factors  of migration,  will reflect on how to prevent  its negative effects on society. 

The project is two years long(2017/2019) and there will be opportunities  for many students of our school to visit the other schools and exchange thoughts and ideas with their European peers.

The class involved is 4E with its teachers Tiziana Milanese, Cristina Zagaglioni and Donatella Calamita.

Next February 2018 our school will welcome the first Blended mobility which involves teachers and students who will be hosted by some students’ families.

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